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Origins of our family estate Domaine Aimé Stentz

Right at the heart of Alsace, around the village of Wettolsheim, our family estate encompasses a number of vineyards which total is 34.5 acre (14ha).

With the greatest of respect for Tradition passed down through the generations we also embrace the benefits of moderns technologies.

Since 5 generations, we take care of our vines, with love of our work and our soil.


Jacob Stentz bought « L’Auberge de l’Agneau » in 1919 and little by little transformed it into a viticultural estate.


Théophile Stentz took the estate a step further by vinifying his production and selling the wines wholesale.


Aimé Stentz (1928-1979) and his wife Angèle are the true founders. Indeed they launched an expansion program, through the purchasing of vineyards. In the Sixties, they took up the challenge to bottle their wine and sell it themselves.


Theirs sons Louis and Etienne, along with Etienne’s wife Jocelyne, have been managing the company since 1979.

Sharper wine-making using new techniques while keeping know-how and tradition.


Opening towards international markets an first « Cuvée de la Première Neige » – Gewurztraminer made in a late harvest style


First « Cuvée du Vicus Romain » Pinot Gris, 25 years after this historic site has been found in the Clos du Vicus Romain.


Reconversion to organic farming.


Our first vintage of organic wine by Ecocert FR-BIO-01.

That is, from grapes grown using organic principles.


First wine-making by Marc (Etienne and Jocelyne’s son).

Marc has a particular passion for Pinot Noir having spent time in Burgundy whilst undertaking his studies and abroad.


Marc Stentz, the fifth generation of winemakers and Aimé & Angèle’s grandson, manages the family estate.


to be continued …